Age Groups

Triathlon as a sport has set age groups. For the juniors and youths they are set out below. Age groups are quite broad, but will dictate the length of each discipline the athlete is competing in.

Athlete’s age groups are age as at the 31st of December in the year of the race.

Tri Star Age Groups
Tri Star Start 8 years
Tri Star 1 9-10 years
Tri Star 2 11-12 years
Tri Star 3 13-14 years
Youth 15-16 years

The Triathlon distances: Swim/Bike/Run
Tri Star Start Swim 50m/Bike 800m-1.5km/Run 600m
Tri Star 1 Swim 150m/Bike 2km-4km/Run 1.5km
Tri Star 2 Swim 200m/Bike 4km-6km/Run 2km
Tri Star 3 Swim 300m/Bike 6km-8km/Run 3km
Youth Vary but up to Sprint Triathlon Distance

The Duathlon distances: Run/Bike/Run
Tri Star Start Run 400m/Bike 800m-1.5km/Run 200m
Tri Star 1 Run 1.2km/Bike 2km-4km/Run 400m
Tri Star 2 Run 1.6km/Bike 4km-6km/Run 600m
Tri Star 3 Run 2km/Bike 6km-8km/Run 800m
Youth Vary but up to Sprint Triathlon Distance

The Aquathlon distances: Swim/Run
Tri Star Start Swim 50m/Run 600m
Tri Star 1 Swim 150m/Run 1.5km
Tri Star 2 Swim 250m/Run 2km
Tri Star 3 Swim 400m/Run 3km
Youth Swim 400m/Run 5km

Please note all of these distances do vary depending on the event.

Hoddesdon Tri Coaches will split the training groups based on these age groups due to the different distances they race at.


The Youth Team coaches and trains 15 to 17 year olds (age as of 31st December in the same year) and creates a link between the Junior and Senior Squads. The training for this age group is still focussed on technique, but also introduces more endurance to the sessions as the race distances increase as they get older. The Youth Team train at the same time as the Junior Team, but there are additional training sessions for both cycling and running (depending on the time of year) and swimming.

For more information about the Youth Team training or events, please contact Peter Biggs, HTC Youth Team Manager. (email or tel no. 07983 537733).