Swim Tech 2 @ Simon Balle Pool
Oct 10 @ 8:00 pm – 9:00 pm
Swim Tech 2 @ Simon Balle Pool | Hertford | United Kingdom

The Wednesday Session is intended to be a much more focussed session developing an
efficient technique. The session is suitable for those looking to develop their technique or
move on from breaststroke to front crawl. The aim of this session is to improve your technique
so that you can then attend the other sessions offered by Hoddesdon Swimming Club
Masters and you will feel more confident.

Run Session (SEN) @ Broxbourne Sports Club
Oct 11 @ 7:00 pm – 8:00 pm
Run Session (SEN) @ Broxbourne Sports Club | Broxbourne | United Kingdom

The HTC Seniors main training session is on a Thursday where we run training in any and all weather!
These sessions are all technique and interval based sessions on the roads and paths around
the sports club. We warm up on the field by the entrance to the sports club so if time is tight
we are always at BSC for twenty minutes. Please wear bright clothing, bring a drink and
something warm to wear afterwards too. We have full use of the Sports club shower and
changing facilities and we meet in the Bar and then re-group outside the car park entrance
at 19:05, please come and sign in at the Bar, if your not running late. Please chat to Anthony
at the start of the session if it is your first session.
Sessions are suitable for all speeds and are made up of short, hard efforts, sometimes up
hills if your lucky. Whilst typically aimed at the 5k and 10k distances, sessions can be made
specific to those competing over longer distances too. An efficient running technique is
useful for all runners!

October HTC Handicap @ Broxbourne Sports Club Bar
Oct 11 @ 6:15 pm – 9:15 pm

October HTC Handicap

The Hoddesdon Tri Handicap is a race of 7.1km (4.41 miles) which is run race around our BSC clubhouse.

Unlike other road races you may have taken part in, the start of the handicap is staggered according to individuals’ past performances, so that all runners finish the race at about the same time. This is the brilliance of the handicap race – both fast and slow runners have a chance of winning. If all goes well, there is an exciting finish down the final straight. The race rewards not the fastest runner but the runner who performs best relative to their previous performance.

The handicap is held on the second Thursday of each month starting at 19:30 hours sharp.

You vote ‘IN’ on this event before the end of Wednesday so we can arrange start order. You must be warmed up at the start by 19:20 hours.

Please come wearing your running kit: you can change at BSC and leave your bags at BSC or in your car. Bags / personal belonging left at the start / finish line will not be specially looked after. It is suggested you wear a head touch.

The handicap is for members or associate members of Hoddesdon Tri Club and costs £2. 100% of the money will be donated to charity as follows: Jan-March MacMillan, April-June Dementia UK, July-Sep Addenbrookes children’s hospital and Oct-Dec Air Ambulance.

Following the race, a medal and trophy (passed to each winner every month) are presented. Awards will also be given to at the end of the year to the most improved male and female.

The organisers at their discretion may change a competitor’s start time if they believe it does not accurately reflect the runner’s ability. Any runner suspected of intentionally performing below their ability in order to skew results may be disqualified from the handicap competition.

Unless it is your first race, you must wear club colours to take part (tri tops or suits, vests or t-shirts are all valid). Finally, please note that runners are not allowed to wear headphones while competing in the race, as runners need to be able to hear marshals’ instructions and other competitors and vehicles approaching from behind. Anyone who fails to comply with race rules risks being disqualified.

Clockwise – 3.5laps.

**as the Handicap is new we will be working your start times out from your Balke test result – if you haven’t done the Balke test at track please post ‘IN’ and your PB 5km time**

There will not be any hydration / nutrition on the route so if you want a drink you can leave it by the start / finish and have some when you loop past. We will however be heading to the BSC for a drink after the race!

To do:
Post ‘IN’ now if you are ‘IN’
Turn up at BSC on Thursday at 7 ish to warm up in appropriate clothing, head touch, £2 and money for a shandy
See you then!


Masters Swimming @ The John Warner Sports Centre
Oct 12 @ 6:00 am – 7:00 am
Masters Swimming @ The John Warner Sports Centre | Hoddesdon | United Kingdom

HTC Seniors can swim in any Masters Session (pay as you go), however we recommend if you are a novice swimmer you start with the Wednesday Session and if you are a more confident swimmer you make Monday Session your regular session before increasing sessions more. As always talk to Anthony about your programme.